Water. Earth. Fire. Air… Fan and Sword!


Long ago, the fandom lived together in harmony…

Then, everything changed when the love square attacked.

Only the writing team, masters of all four story elements- plot, character development, pacing, and feels- could stop it’s path of destruction.

But when the show needed them most, they vanished.

Season 1 has ended, and Bryke had chosen to handle the writing themselves.

Although the skills with which they have created the universe and its characters are great, there is much potential remaining untapped within the story…

Months have passed, and the fandom has caught wind that Bryke will be calling in A:TLA writers to help with the show now that Nick has finally decided to give them more episodes…

Now that Bryke will be under less pressure, I believe… that the writers can save LOK…

-Actual Writing Avatar: Aaron Ehasz

We can only hope that Bryke will try to make contact with A:TLA Head Writer Aaron Ehasz, and his equally talented wife, Elizabeth….

(Although, bringing in any of the writers is certainly welcome and beneficial, they’re all good at what they do.)


Because they are the writers who helped the team to come up with this

The Blind Bandit

Appa’s Lost Days

Zuko Alone

The Avatar and the Firelord

The Crossroads of Destiny

In summary…

They’re freakin’ geniuses.

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This is why I love my husband

  • Me: (sends a link about comet C/2012 S1 - a comet coming next year that'll be brighter than the full moon and could be seen in daylight) !!!
  • Him: Isn't that cool? Although sadly it signals the return of dragons and the inevitable victory of the Fire Nation. Hop on the sky bison loser, we're going bending. <3


Why yes, Yes I do. 

They’re making this too easy. 

"Obama supports Dumbledore & Harry Potter. Do you? - Vote Voldemort"
"Obama supports the Rebel Alliance & Jedi Knights. Do you? - Vote Darthvader"

"Obama supports the Avatar & my Traitor Son Who Has No Honor. Do you? - Vote Lord Ozai"

"Obama supports Captain Jean Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise. Do you? - Vote Romulans"

"Obama supports Frodo & Sam. Do you? - Vote Sauron"

"Obama supports the Doctor & Timey Wimey Wibbly Wobbly Stuff. Do you? - Vote Daleks"

"Obama supports Gotham City & Batman. Do you? - Vote Bane"

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“What’s their deal?”


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Holy Shi-

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Avatar: The Last Airbender - Educating kids about the basics of eastern philosophy like a fucking boss.

I loved this episode. <3

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Heart of Art: Career of animator for ‘Last Airbender’ and ‘Legend of Korra’ was nurtured in Vermont

Working in animation had allowed me to combine my love of art and storytelling. I strive to create stories that connect not only with children, but with the child that lives in all of us.

Since I can remember, I’ve been drawing. In the early years, I drew the characters I saw on TV — “The Smurfs,” “GI Joe” and “Garfield” were some of my early favorites. But I drew my own characters too. When I was in first grade, while I was supposed to be writing a story, I remember drawing a character I called Pocket Man who had a cape with a bunch of pockets in it. At the time, drawing was more interesting than writing. But then my teacher suggested I could write about this character I had drawn. That was the moment I learned that art and writing could be combined to create a story.

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