Everytime I get really down on myself or feel really bad for messing something up my husband takes my hands and looks me in the eyes and says “Why do we fall?” 

Nearly every time I’m so moved by it tears come to my eyes I can barely get out, “So we can learn to pick ourselves up.” 

It’s nice to know he’s never given up on me when there’s been so many times when I’ve really wanted to give up on myself. 

- This has been an Alan appreciation post. <3 

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Alfred: Could she be an old opponent in a new disguise? Perhaps Catwoman? 

Bruce: No, even Selina Kyle has more regard for human life. This is someone entirely new, Alfred.  The last thing Gotham City needs is a vigilante running amok. 

Alfred: As they say on the streets: “I ain’t touchin’ that one.”

Batman - Mystery of the Batwoman 

Alfred you cheeky chap, ILU