Concept Art from the title Sequence of A Game of Thrones

A fiery astorlabe orbits high above a world not our own; it’s massive Cardanic Structure sinuously coursing around a buring center, vividly recounting an unfamiliar history through a series of heraldic tableaus emblazoned upon it. An intricate map is brought into focus, as if viewed through some colossal looking glass by an unseen custodian. Cities and towns rise from the terrain, their mechanical growth driven by the gears of politics and the cogs of war.

From the spires of King’s Landing and the Godswood of Winterfell, to the frozen hights of The Wall and the windy plains across the Narrow Sea, Elastic’s thunderous cartographic flight through the Seven Kingdoms offers the unitiated a sweeping education in all things Game of Thrones. 

- Will Perkins, Contributing Author

The Astrolabe concept art. Check out the detail on the rings! You can see the different sigils of the houses on one, and the wider band sports the title! 

Concept Sketch for the Wall within the title sequence

Kings Landing and the Red keep. I’m loving the little ship on the side.

The workings of the Godswood in Winterfell.

Early concept for the title sequence was just a fly over of a flat map of Westoros. Eventually, Leonardo’s Machines (the sketches and concepts of inventions by Leonardo Davinci) came to the table and the artists ran with it.

Dothraki tents and the way the gears of the machine would work. Every detail was planned as to which part of each setting would react to another. 

You can see and learn more at the source: Art of the Title

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